Alpaca Duvets

Benefits of ALPACA FIELD Duvet/Underlay with Alpaca fill


The Alpaca Field commitment to quality continues with the ALPACA FIELD Duvet/Underlay. Our Duvets are generously filled with a specially developed blend of high quality alpaca fibre & wool bound together by polyester most deserving of the ALPACA FIELD label.

  • Soft with luxurious feel
  • Light weight-Semi hollow fibre
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Moisture absorbent-cool in summer,warm in winter
  • High strength
  • Chemical free,Non allergenic
  • good loft and resiliency
  • Naturally flame retardant

To retain its freshness, we recommend regular fluffying up and outside airing.
If required your quilt can be Dry cleaned, P40. If you have it dry cleaned, please thoroughly air afterwards.
Do not allow the quilt to become damp or wet.

Retail price

Alpaca Duvet 50/50 Alpaca + Wool (SINGLE SIZE 140 * 210): $305

Alpaca Duvet 50/50 Alpaca + Wool (DOUBLE SIZE 180 * 210): $335

Alpaca Duvet 50/50 Alpaca + Wool (QUEEN SIZE 210 * 210): $350

Alpaca Duvet 50/50 Alpaca + Wool (KING SIZE 240 * 210): $370

Product Specification


50% Alpaca, 50% Wool exposed to the level of heat at 190 degree for 3 minutes with ULTRA FRESH TREATMENT.


Exclusive embossing textured fabric


Single 1.5m x 2.1m
Double 1.8m x 2.1m
Queen 2.1m x 2.1m
King 2.1m x 2.4m
Weight: 350g/sm

Care instructions

Dry Clean Only
To retain its freshness, the duvet should be aired and shaken regularly.
Spot clean with damp cloth and dry immediately.

Alpaca Field’s Alpaca Duvets

Common question: What is the difference between Alpaca Field Alpaca Duvets and another Alpaca duvets brand?

  1. We are using high quality BONDED WOOL made by DUNLOP New Zealand.
  2. Fleece processing – Bonded wool processing technologies ensures that the Alpaca fleece is properly processed for top quality including NO SMELL,HIGH LOFT,STRONG COHESIVENESS,ANITI BACTERIAL.
  3. Fleece Quality- unlike other manufacturer’s Alpaca Duvets our BONDED WOOL provides absolutely no smell because of high temperature BONDING PROCESS with ULTRA FRESH TREATMENT as well as HIGH DENSITY.
  4. Cover fabric- exclusive embossing textured fabric
  5. Less seaming – Strong cohesive bonded wool enable us to minimize seaming.
  6. New Zealand made and with a quality guarantee.

In designing and developing the new quilt range it was decided to use a majority blend of 50% alpaca with 50% wool in the filling. This was to create the optimal blend of fibres, with the alpaca fibre providing the luxurious softness and warmth and the wool enhancing the quilts loft and resilience. The alpaca quilts are warm while being lightweight as alpaca fibre is unique being semi hollow, which means that they are warm and comfortable without the weight.

The alpaca quilts are also moisture absorbent which keeps the user dry and cooler in summer, dry and warmer in winter. As alpaca fibre is also very soft. ALPACA FIELD has chosen to finish off the quilt with a premium quality textured fabric to enhance its soft feel and drape.