About Us

Alpaca Field NZ Ltd was established in 2001 as Alpaca Rugs and duvets manufacturing wholesaler and now is the largest Alpaca products distributor in New Zealand.

As a leading brand, Alpaca Field provides wide range of premium quality Alpaca products ie, Alpaca rugs, Alpaca Duvets and accessories.

Alpaca Field’s bedding products have to pass a rigorous quality inspection process. From the receipt of raw materials through manufacturing to the final packing of the alpaca rugs, duvets, and pillows, there are multiple points of inspection for quality and conformance to our product specifications.

At every stage of production, all products are checked carefully as part of our TQM (Total Quality Management) system.

At Alpaca Field, We promise to deliver the highest quality Alpaca products-from the raw material to the labor involved-so you can sleep soundly every night.

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